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Innovative chemistries, advanced monitoring and control systems, and expert support for your foam control challenges.

Meet your challenges head on with our proven solutions.


Our portfolio of foam control agents and antifoam agents includes oil-based defoamers, silicone-based defoamers, surfactant-based concentrate defoamers, and water-based defoamers as well as a variety of specialty formulations. And, our portfolio comes backed by a dedicated team of applications experts and state-of-the-art monitoring and control solutions to provide complete system control.

Defoamers & Antifoams
solenis.offers a comprehensive portfolio of foam control agents and antifoam agents for both defoamer (foam knockdown) and antifoam (foam prevention) applications. Our chemical solutions include:

Defoamer Platforms

  • Oil-based defoamers
    • 浓缩和水延长配方
  • Silicone-based defoamers
  • Surfactant concentrate defoamers
  • 基于水的消泡剂

Specialty Formulations

  • Fatty alcohol solutions
  • Hydrophobic silica solutions
  • Oil-free solutions
  • 无硅胶溶液
  • Wax-free solutions

solenis.offers several monitoring and control solutions for foam control applications, including:

  • Automated chemical feed and control systems
    • Foam control system for wastewater applications
  • Data management service
  • Inventory monitoring service


  • 消泡剂和消泡剂应用专业知识
  • Diagnostic expertise
  • 实验室分析
    • Process fluid
  • Product screening expertise
    • Brownstock排水测试仪
    • Foam cell tester


Case histories

Case history

Dual Product Approach Delivers Significant Pulp Quality Improvements

Advantage™ BN3398 and BN3369 Defoaming Agents

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Case history


OnGuard™ AF Monitoring & Control System

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