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Solenis biorefining solutions are designed to help biorefineries operate more efficiently, profitably and sustainably. Our state-of-the-art product portfolio for biorefineries includes process aids, water treatment chemistries, and monitoring and control systems, all of which help first- and second-generation biofuel producers and oilseed, grain and sugar processors increase productivity and meet regulatory requirements.

Solenis offers a comprehensive family of fermentation aids, scale inhibitors and corn oil extraction aids, as well as patented and proprietary technologies designed specifically for fuel ethanol plants. Our biorefining solutions include novel FDA-approved process chemistries designed to improve evaporator efficiency, increase corn oil yield, enhance the fermentation process and replace antibiotics. We also offer a variety of EPA-approved and NSF International-registered chemistries designed for boiler and cooling water treatment, and a suite of proprietary analyzers and controllers that allow biorefineries to enjoy around-the-clock surveillance and control of their process and water treatment programs.

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Case histories

Case history

Novel Microbiocide Improves Cooling System Cleanliness while Reducing Corrosion

Biosperse™ XD3899 Microbiocide

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Case history

Fuel Ethanol Plant Improves Profitability With Scale Inhibitor Program

Polystabil™ AS4535 Scale Inhibitor

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